Community Connections offers services to adults with disabilities at 8 locations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

Through personalized case management, we design individualized programs that build on the strengths of the whole person. Programs are tailored to:
  • Promote self-sufficiency, personal growth and independence
  • Increase access to the community
  • Assist in meeting personal and professional goals
  • Increase social interactions with peers and colleagues
  • Stimulate involvement in civic and community activities
Fulfilling our commitment to coordinate and arrange services that allow our clients to live as independently as possible, our staff:
  • Actively involves clients and their families in planning services and assessing needs
  • Identifies and locates appropriate services and funding sources
  • Advocates on behalf of clients
  • Coordinates the process with clients

What We Do


Day Habilitation

Helps individuals overcome the obstacles that interfere with skills and development or stand in the way of their goals.


Employment Services

Provides comprehensive career planning and placement supports, interview assistance and on-the-job support.


Community Based Day Supports (CBDS)

Focuses on a pathway to employment, use of community resources, volunteerism and building healthy relationships. 


Life Skills

Promotes an independent way of living with skills that are a key part of making people with disabilities more self-sufficient.



Offers individualized services and a robust job-readiness curriculum to match each student's abilities, interests and goals.


Social Recreation

Explorers helps adults with IDD/ASD to build new friendships and improve social skills through shared interests.


Supported Living

Provides one-to-one specialized supports and services that utilize a range of individualized therapies and activities.


Flower Angels

Uplifts spirits by delivering repurposed flowers to the elderly and disabled at nursing facilities across Cape Cod.

We have years of experience serving people with multiple diagnoses, including:
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Down syndrome
  • Physical impairments, including visual and orthopedic impairments Cerebral palsy
  • Seizure disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • Psychiatric impairment
  • Diabetes
  • Autistic spectrum disorders

Support Us and Our Efforts

Through a person-centered approach, we design individualized programs that build on the strengths of the whole person, enabling them to live as independently as possible in their community.

We count on donors like you, so our clients can continue to reach their goals through therapies and activities.