Community Connections was founded in October 1985.

The first programs to open were Employment Services in Fall River and the Cape Cod Day Habilitation program. Since that time, Community Connections has grown to 8 program locations, including transportation services for our program participants.

In 1987, Community Connections obtained its first accreditation at the highest level from the Commission on Accreditation and Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) which it has maintained throughout all these years.

Over the years, Community Connections has grown to the current organization that serves over 800 clients. The agency offers 6 service programs, including day habilitation, life skills, employment services, elder services, individual supports, and transportation services.

Donna Sabecky
Founder & Board Member

Staffed by over 300 dedicated employees, Community Connections provides a caring, compassionate environment that helps our employees thrive in the workplace and truly make an impact in the lives of people with disabilities.

We believe that by providing the highest quality services and opportunities we can continue to enhance the quality of life for the individuals we serve.

Our 7 Goals

The daily actions and long-term decisions of Community Connections are guided by 7 inter-related goals that help our clients realize their personal promise.

1. Support young people and adults living with disabilities so that they may function effectively in their community and contribute constructively to society.

2. Provide caring therapeutic environments for young people, adults and elders with significant medical and developmental disabilities.

3. Support young people and adults with disabilities so that they may become employed and gain appropriate independence.

4. Advocate for youth, adults and elders living with physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities so that they receive proper services that meet their individual human needs.

5. Increase community awareness and understanding of physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities of children, adults and elders.

6. Instill a sense of dignity and pride in young people and adults who experience physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities.

7. Influence state and federal policies that support a meaningful life for young people and adults who experience disabilities.

Support Us and Our Efforts

Through a person-centered approach, we design individualized programs that build on the strengths of the whole person, enabling them to live as independently as possible in their community.

We count on donors like you, so our clients can continue to reach their goals through therapies and activities.