If participants can’t come to us, we bring our services to them.

Relationships are everything at Community Connections. We take a vested interest in every individual we support, helping them to lead independent, productive lives with one-to-one attention.

"Our ultimate goal is to enable clients to participate wholly in each day, with as much independence as possible, and live in a way that promotes self-esteem, dignity, and personal well-being."


Community Connections provides one-to-one specialized supports, services, and activities that incorporate a range of individually-tailored therapies and activities as recommended by our specialists, including:

  • Access to community-based programs and activities
  • Services that may be provided at home, at Community Connections, or in the community

Whether at Community Connections or elsewhere, we strive to fully address each client’s needs, wants, abilities, functional challenges, and goals.


Support Us and Our Efforts

Your donation counts in so many ways to the people served by Community Connections and to the staff that supports us every day. There are a variety of ways to donate to Community Connections, whether you are an individual, business or charitable foundation. Community Connections, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and donations are tax-deductible.