Community Connections clients are going places.

Independence is synonymous with freedom of movement and access to the community. That makes transportation a key part of adopting a more self-sufficient adult life.

Whether it's daily rides to and from Community Connections day programs or an outing to the park, the majority of our passengers depend on our transportation every day.

That's why our transportation services are miles ahead. Drivers are committed to ensuring the safety of our passengers and the confidence of their families through the highest levels of reliability and experience.

About Transportation Services

Transportation Services include transportation to and from Community Connections programs, appointments and activities.

All drivers are professionally trained and certified in first aid and crisis prevention/intervention training.

Vehicles are equipped with real-time GPS monitoring, so we always know where they are at all times for added peace of mind.

Successful Transit Authority inspections and audits confirm our dedication to safety standards.


What others say about Transportation Services

Sue Landry drives the Happy Van. That's what her riders call her van because they have such a good time during their trips.

Sue’s Happy Van is decorated with Red Sox and Patriots memorabilia during baseball and football seasons. Sue is happy to dress as Santa's Elf during the holiday season.

Clients riding the van sing along with the radio, talk about their day and just enjoy themselves.

When clients arrive at the Day Center or back at home, they are smiling.

Sue, thank you for all that you do!

Support Us and Our Efforts

Through a person-centered approach, we design individualized programs that build on the strengths of the whole person, enabling them to live as independently as possible in their community.

We count on donors like you, so our clients can continue to reach their goals through therapies and activities.