We believe that people with disabilities who want to be employed are employable in jobs at competitive wages with local companies.

We are able to successfully match a candidate with a position by thoroughly evaluating a person’s interests, aptitude and skills to compile a complete assessment, including aptitude and situational, and use it to make an employment recommendation.


We offer job coaching and on-site assessments to ensure job performance and satisfaction. We proactively help businesses create positions for some individuals, identifying roles and carefully vetting and recruiting small and large local companies.

With more than 20 years of providing employment services, companies trust us and our reputation for excellence. That’s why 95% of our participants are gainfully employed in jobs they love. They get experience, an income, promotions, raises, expanded shifts and hours. Most of all, they get an unparalleled sense of what real independence is like.

Everyone is different!

Community Connections offers custom support for each and every person seeking employment. Employment Specialists can provide comprehensive career planning and placement supports, interview assistance and on-the-job support. Our Employment Specialists help secure employment that is fulfilling for our clients and meets the needs of employers.

Who can receive Employment Services?

Adults and high school students with disabilities can work with Employment Specialists for opportunities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts’ South Coast, South Shore, and Cape Cod areas.

What jobs are available?

Trained staff of professional Employment Specialists work with local employers to find suitable and rewarding employment for our clients who are seeking meaningful, long-term work. Employment Specialists are committed to finding jobs that best fit skill sets and promote the desire to grow and learn new skills for our clients.

What do employers need to know?

Employment Services are provided at no cost to employers and include:

  • employment pre-screening and recruitment
  • referrals of qualified and motivated applicants
  • customized job coaching
  • support for both employers and employees through ongoing consultation
  • available federal tax credits

Support Us and Our Efforts

Through a person-centered approach, we design individualized programs that build on the strengths of the whole person, enabling them to live as independently as possible in their community.

We count on donors like you, so our clients can continue to reach their goals through therapies and activities.