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A person-centered approach to Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) offered by Community Connections.

Pre-ETS provides individualized services and a robust job-readiness curriculum to match each student’s unique abilities, interests and goals. Our three-level training curriculum ensures all students have the opportunity to learn and grow into independent, reliable and work-ready members of the community.

  • STEP 1: Workplace Readiness Training
  • STEP 2: Job Exploration Counseling
  • STEP 3: Work-Based Learning Experience

Our goal is to empower students in showing them that life-enriching experiences like employment promote optimal independence for persons with disabilities.

Ready for a future filled with promise? Here’s a look at how Pre-ETS works for students.


We have a 95% success rate of placing candidates.

[ CCI | PRE ETS ] Workplace Readiness Training takes place in a small group setting (at most 4 students). Classes are offered 4-5 times per year and students spend about 5 hours per week for 4 weeks to complete their coursework. A pre- and post-training assessment is offered to determine if students are ready to move on to Job Exploration Counseling and/or a Work-Based Experience.

[ CCI | PRE ETS ] goal for the Workplace Readiness Training is to help students with:

  • Goal Setting and Career Choices
  • Introduction to Resume Writing
  • How to Apply for a Job
  • Introduction to the Job Interview
  • Review of Critical Job Competencies

What are the critical job competencies students need to succeed in the workforce?

[ CCI | PRE ETS ] provides a rich curriculum to address each of the following key areas to ensure a student’s success:

  • Being Consistently Punctual
  • Maintaining Regular Attendance
  • Demonstrating Positive Attitudes
  • Presenting Appropriate Appearance
  • Exhibiting Good Interpersonal Relations
  • Completing Tasks Effectively
  • Understanding Transportation Options
  • Having Basic Computer Skills
  • Managing Money
  • Managing Time

This one-on-one counseling focuses on a positive vision for the future and is based on individual strengths, preferences, abilities, and capacities for acquiring new skills and the student’s personality.

[ CCI | PRE ETS ] goal for the Job Exploration Counseling:

At the end of the approximately 16-hour component, the students will be placed in a Work-Based Learning Experience based on their discoveries.

What are the key elements of the Job Exploration Counseling?

With the help of [ CCI | PRE ETS ] counselors, students will take part in:

  • Person Centered Discovery
  • Goal Setting and Career Choices
  • Post Secondary Education/Training Exploration (If Appropriate)
  • Resumé Preparation
  • Utilization of the Internet to Search for Employment
  • Completion of Online and Paper Applications
  • Interview Skills

[ CCI | PRE ETS ] knows the power of community integration for promoting optimal independence and life-enriching experiences for persons with disabilities. Now imagine the ability to earn a
paycheck or build a marketable portfolio. That’s where our Work-Based Learning Experiences come into play. We offer a combination of the following three levels determined by the students
needs and readiness:

LEVEL 1: Situational Work Assessment

  • Simulates a real work experience
  • Provides an opportunity to further assess student skills
  • 2-3 short 3-6 hour community based assessments

LEVEL 2: Community-Based Work Internship

  • Designed for students who have identified employment interest
  • Time and duration will be influenced by the student’s individual support needs and the availability of the internship
  • Anticipated participation: 5-10 hours/week for 10 weeks
  • Internships include compensation

LEVEL 3: Community Based Employment

  • For students who are determined to be “job ready”
  • Students will work individually with a job developer to secure a community based job that meets their employment interests Students will be provided with on- and off-site job coaching and employment supports
  • based on individual needs
  • Students will be compensated by employer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an individual sign up for Pre-ETS services?

Pre-ETS participants are referred through Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. You can also contact Community Connections Employment Manager at 508-362-1140 for more information about coordinating Pre-ETS services with Community Connections.

What locations are served?

Cape Cod, Wareham, New Bedford, Fall River and surrounding areas.

Where do you deliver services?

We provide services in the individual’s school or elsewhere as negotiated with the school district. Please note: Community Connections is flexible regarding times, location and delivery of services.

How often are the services offered?

Pre-ETS services are offered 12 months per year.

Why choose Community Connections for pre-employment transition services?

We have over 30 years of experience providing employment services. Our program is certified at the highest level by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services Office of Quality Enhancement.

To learn more, please contact Kevin Jones: kjones@communityconnectionsinc.org

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